Friday, 7 February 2014

Looking after a B/B

Snow-shoeing is a good way to get out of the house in the Canadian winters.  We all look for ways to keep away the Northern Depression, called SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Another way is to go south.  It was - 20 C. here this morning, but the skies were blue.  The landlords have flown off to a church convention, in Las Vegas of all places.  Everybody smiles and goes WINK...WINK.  But Circus Circus hotel/casino gives good Conference deals for church gatherings.  Still it does seem strange to advertize that. 
 The temperature in Vegas today was   + 14 C.  so they may not have used the pool.           
              I am not sure I could sleep in this garish bedroom.  The landlords will probably think it is a hoot.  It looks like a bordello to me, but then prostitution is not a crime in Nevada. 
The rides could be fun.      

Now about that Church convention in Vegas called Living Stones....

It is a Living Stones Convention for any of you who may know about this study group.  Some of the groups are coming from Iowa and Northern Manitoba Indian Reserves and Washington State, northern California etc. in colder parts of North America,

so it was a central place to meet. That made plane fares more equitable.  The countryside there looks much like here in the summer.

this is our river

So we are looking after the B/B business and house for a few weeks.  We get half of the take for changing the beds, mopping and dusting and cleaning the bathroom.  This is a fall picture.

 This is a summer one.

Yesterday morning Old Man made home-made multi-grain bread toast they left for us to use, with farm fresh eggs delivered every Wednesday.  
We love those tasty eggs and get some for ourselves too each week.  He poached the eggs.  They really taste so much better than store-bought eggs.  I also put out the landlady's home-made granola and jams and a good commercial yogurt.  We also devoured some fresh pineapple and banana etc. fruit in a dish with yogurt.  They have their own blend of coffee brewed for the business part of the B/B.  Let me know if you will be passing by here and I will give you more details on the delights of this area.  Of course at this time of the year the last guests, who stayed a few days, were gone all day to go into the hills to cross-country ski.

I caught a 48 hour stomach upset that did a better intestinal cleanse than any health food store dosing package could try to match.  It had been going around, so I guess I am not invincible.  At least the aches are over now even if the intestines are still rumbling.  The rumbling keeps moving further south, so I am assuming that this is a good sign.  I should be more like myself tomorrow.  However having to slow down has allowed me to finish a book that I was given for Christmas and was having trouble finding the time for finishing the last pages.  What a remarkable young woman.  She makes me feel insignificant.   I actually went back and read from the picture inserts, over again. I am not sure I understand this culture but she is their Super-Woman Defender.       
So I thank you, wee sweet, lovely Malala, for being you.  I admire you for telling your truth.


  1. I haven't read the book, but I have heard of Malala. She is remarkable, indeed. I'm sure you Great photos of Vegas. I've never been, but have heard that "they" are trying to be more family friendly there, so it follows that they seek out church groups for conventions and seminars (I guess). Your 'shared' B & B sounds lovely, and the flowers are gorgeous.

  2. Nice to hear from your part of life… I never had a snow experience and winter is also mild here. I liked those fresh and delicious eggs… and of course store bought aren’t tasty alike country eggs.
    Glad you feel good now… yes putting empty stomach is also a way of restoring health but I can’t bear such long! lol
    Beautiful pictures and stories aside! Thank you

    1. I think these are the best eggs I have ever tasted, even better than the ones we harvested from our own chickens when on the farm years ago.

  3. I like your consecutive sentences - ' . . .prostitution is not a crime in Nevada. The rides could be fun.' But I guess I know what you mean.
    Strangely we were discussing eggs here today. Some are so factory produced that they are practically tasteless. Those fresh ones are fabulous if you can get them.
    Malala has made a real impression here. She is such a brave person and may make a real difference.

    1. If you were here, I would slap your arm for that comment while laughing and calling you a jerk. I didnt write that on purpose but your sense of humour needs to be honoured more often, so I will bow to you on this one.