Sunday, 15 December 2013

Enjoying Ontario before Christmas

We arrived safely on the other side of Canada. We are tucked into this house of Shane's near Winchester.  It is not a well insulated house so we pile on the blankets at night.  We went into Ottawa to see the Nutcracker Ballet yesterday afternoon. The ballet was delightful and I loved all the Canadian touches with the very familiar music.
I am sure I missed half of the special nuances.  There was just too much to take in.  Children danced as beaver, chipmunks, raccoons and loons replaced swans.  Other Canadian touches were Voyageurs, wolves, snowflakes, RCMP, canoes etc. all set in a small village of Bisset north of Algonquin Park.  
The backdrops were changing Group of Seven paintings (a renowned group from the last century who changed the face of Canadian Art) which were enlarged and were very effective.  The king and queen of the Birches did a fantastic job of their more classical segments.

Above is the opening about a school concert and dance afterwards.   Jacklyn didn't really want to go as she saw it last year but she humoured me because she is a good girl.   Actually her mom kick-started her manners.  Dana helped conduct the very lyrical music and told me her Dad, who looked much like the Lord of the Birches could dance like that, and her mom could be his partner.  I can just see Shane in tights soaring through the air.  I didn't laugh at her though.  All the children enhance the production of course.

Quotes from Dana:   

"Hickory dickory dock, hang your sock on the clock.

I've got this covered.....when I tried to explain how to do something on Duncan's e-book.

I need some private time with Nanny.  

Nanny is the most exciting person I have ever met.  (deprived childhood I guess)

Nanny, you have to stick with the programme. 
(that means what she has planned). "

Sunday Dec 15   
Above is a photo facing west across the fields behind the house.  Sunday church and concert practises were cancelled and it was declared a snow day as the roads were not cleared yet and it was -25.  So we are having a PJ day.  Shane and Bonnie and Jacklyn slept in, and we later had a lazy puzzle morning.  
We finished one of Santa feeding woodland animals then began sorting to start a primitive-painting of an pioneer era village.  Dana was honoured with the privilege of inserting the last piece.

Shane had to use his new (free gift) snow blower to clear the driveway and parking area.  
Dana showed me how to grow a bar of ivory soap in the microwave.  I made Saskatchewan Squid seafood dinner for lunch ( inch size chunks of all beef hot dogs with 4 spaghetti noodles stuffed through the half way to make 8 tentacles).  

Shane went to an archery tournament after lunch and we girls showered and changed into clean pajamas to play cards and have an inside interaction day with no techy toys allowed.  Uno and Dutch Blitz and Go Fish and jigsaws etc. were undertaken.  It was a lovely lazy day... very Canadian...inside avoiding the cold.  Jacklyn has set up a nail salon so we are getting multicoloured toes.  I hope you had a relaxing day too, but perhaps not fighting the cold.  Below is the summer bbq porch and the children's play area/fort.


  1. Your Saskatchewan Squid seafood dinner made me chuckle! What a great idea! LOL

    Karyn, that just looking at that snow makes me shiver!! Thank goodness for snow blowers!! It is great that you are spending the holiday with your precious ones!! Keep making those great memories!

  2. Yes, love your seafood plate! We don't have snow yet and, when I see your pics, beautiful though they are, I think you can keep the snow over there!! I love the idea of a non-techy day. Kids need to think about what to do without a computer or cellphone. I have had too many examples recently of things not operating because the computer was down or the wi-fi wouldn't connect. We were in a restaurant recently where customers were asked if they could pay with cash because the card reader wasn't operating. Some people couldn't and had to sign IOUs. And, yes, I know too - you have to stick to the programme. I hope you continue to have such a wonderful time, Karyn.

    1. There are other versions of this Saskatchewan seafood all with chunks of wieners. It is a joke on ourselves, Canadians, as Saskatchewan is land-locked and a prairie grain growing province. They do have lots of lakes though.

    2. Shows how much I knew about Canada - didn't know that!