Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Calicos are my favourites.

Our son in Ontario where we are visiting for the season, has three cats.  Two were chosen .... Here is my favourite, Padme 
I don't know why I like calicos so much.  We have had many over the years.  Is it true that 9/10 calicos are female and if so why?  We have also had a few Siamese and some black and white long-haired persian type cats during my lifetime.  We haven't had a cat of our own now for 10 years as after the last one died we started travelling.  I miss having a cat and dog but we are living in a pet free suite and with all the traveling we have done the last 7 years it was just as well.  Below is their other chosen cat, Anikin.  She has the longest hair of the three.
Then one day last summer a starving kitten that looked too young to even be weaned, showed up on their doorstep so they now have three cats.  
Stripey is not the friendliest cat and is constantly skitting behind furniture and up or down stairs but he is fat and happy now.  They didn't really want this many cats but they are all neutered so perhaps that will be that.  They were hoping somebody would leave them a free goat.  The girls are interested in raising goats.  I am glad we will be on the other coast of North America by then. 

It is such a job to get ready to go out in the cold and down the drive to catch the bus these days.  


  1. Nice cats... about the calicos being mostly females it's because of the X chromosomes... you can read about it here:

  2. The cats look lovely and it's nice that at least two of them are friendly. Ferals have a hard time adjusting, but we have found that time usually turns them into nice house-pets. It does look cold there! Brrrrrr!! The girls are bundled up nicely!!

  3. Nice cats. I think I'd want fur like that to go outside there at the moment!

  4. Love the kitties. I still don't know how we ended up with 5. :)