Friday, 6 December 2013

December 10 is International Human Rights Day

We will be gone flying across Canada to our oldest son's house and his lovely daughters on Dec. 10.  So I announced in church last Sunday that I would be writing on Friday the 6th after Soup's On kitchen work and on Saturday afternoon if any
body wanted to join me to sign a letter or write some.  Only 3 people showed interest but we wrote 22 letters today and may do more 

When you read the case studies you become appalled at what humans do to each other.  

I am not sure what this map below is explaining....countries that support Amnesty? or countries that need letters written to them.  I know I sent some to our Canadian Prime Minister today about how indigenous people are treated.

Our day started with sadness as the CBC announced our champion, Mandela, had passed on.  Nelson Mandela was a true modern prophet. He turned his weapons into plowshares.  I admire his desire to promote human rights for everyone.   I also suspect that the word mandela will become a verb, as in "He mandela-ed the situation."  Can you see that happening?  It was something I heard today that made me think that the name was already becoming a verb.  He taught us to take action and stand up to bullies.

Folk who have been delivered/freed due to this yearly blitz by Amnesty International are more than willing to tell their stories.  

Licking envelopes is yucky but I am trying to get rid of some old ones so I can buy newer self-sticking ones.  These logos amused me



  1. Excellent, Karyn. I was saddened by Mandela's death, and like your idea of his name becoming a verb. Totally understandable. May he rest in peace.

  2. I'm always impressed at you doing this. Well done.