Sunday, 15 September 2013

More of September

Old Man did rest at Greeny Lake and we enjoyed the grey jays aka 'camp robbers' that are so tame.  But he needed more medical attention and antibiotics and IVs to re-hydrate him.  So we returned to the village where he was born and we were booked to house-sit a cat and a pool again.

The weather has been fantastic and house-sitting at a place with a salt water pool, overlooking the Thompson River is a delight.
Of course when folk found out we were back I got commandeered to help at the Fall Fair.  It is a hokey little Fair in a small village, but still takes a lot of work from a lot of volunteers.  A friend brought animals for a petting zoo.  
I was impressed by the quality of the quilts 
and the size of some of the vegetables.

The theme was Blue Jeans and Country Scenes.  There were rows of  old jeans hanging above the winter hockey rink arena.  
and the clown was a children-pleaser.  

The Band called Back Door Slam were really appreciated for their versatility.  
But the house owners are coming back tomorrow so we will go back up the mountain to our favorite camping spots for a week until we can move permanently into our retirement suite.  I am looking forward to campfires and quiet.  I have been working too hard this week with gardening and Fair judging of kids exhibits etc.  

I may even try fishing again as the lake will be chilling down for the winter way up there.


  1. The quilts are really beautiful! Hope your sweet 'old man' is feeling better now. The fairs are so good for the kids to compete and show their projects. That's a big bunch of ribbons on that table!! It's good to catch up with you, Karyn!!

  2. Love those fall fairs!!

    I miss Gray Jays. Haven't seen one since we lived in BC.