Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Shrove Tuesday/ Pancake Day/ Mardi Gras

Today is the day that traditionally we have cleaned all the rich foods out of our cupboards to eat them up before the more austere days of Lent.  If they are all eaten they won't be a temptation will they?  That may be how a wide range of pancakes came to be.  
Blueberry ones are a favorite of mine.  

Nowadays the shift is more towards being austere in our approach to consumerism, improving relationships, honouring Mother Earth, thinking of kinder ways to be, making time for others, being less self-centered and being more aware of our blessings for the 40 days of Lent.  It is always a relief on Sundays as we have a mini-break from the fasting if we have given up something like beer or cigarettes or expensive cheeses.  Or heaven forbid, roast beef and yorkshires.  But that would be good for me too.   I probably won't have them for a few months anyhow as we did them last week.
  I decided to give up wheat.  I have no idea how a gluten-free diet will work for me but I will have to watch labels more closely.  I just realized that my favourite won ton soup will disappear unless I can find one with rice flour wrappers.  Yikes, there goes vodka, unless I buy the expensive  kind made with potatoes, which just won't happen on our budget.

I also want to spend more time helping others and spreading cheer.  So on my daily walks I will talk more to others, especially those who struggle to get around.  I have two friends who need extra help now due to a fall on ice in her yard, and an emotional crisis for another.  I will give them some more of my time.  This won't be easy as they are not the easiest people to interact with even when they are in top form.  But this is something I feel I NEED to do.  I am also booked for an extra day working in the Soup Kitchen this week.  These are all things that need meditation and prayer to do them well and with the proper attitude (think nun-like, which I am NOT).  
Lent begins tomorrow so I will be helping a young and less-fortunate child (unbeknownst to her) arrange to have 5 days of riding lessons during the Spring Break in a few weeks.  She so wants to be near horses.  I am hoping it will be therapeutic for her.  Then I will go to the Ash Wednesday service in the dark.  This year several churches will gather in the evening at Zion United pictured above.
 It was also their turn to host the Shrove Tuesday pancake supper.  Their minister did a short presentation on the historical reasons and rites of the day.  Then she had people up at the end of the hall doing pancake races with pancakes on their heads.  Then we had a flipping pancakes contest and our landlord won as his hit the ceiling and still landed back in his frying pan. 

 It is good to laugh at ourselves.  There weren't any was just for laughs and a chance to cheer for others.  It is a fun way to make a mess on a church hall's ceiling.  hee hee

Ash Wednesday service tomorrow is a more solemn evening.

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  1. How fun that your combined churches do such a great thing on Pancake Day!! I made pancakes for our dinner last night, with sausage and eggs. I like breakfast for dinner now and then. The young girl who will get five days of riding lessons will be so excited!! I'm sure it is a memory she will carry close in her heart for the rest of her life. Well done, Karyn!!