Monday, 17 March 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I actually started celebrating St. Patrick's last Thursday when a new friend and recent immigrant from Dublin had a free day and made us an Irish stew with Guiness beer in it.  It is darker and richer than we are used to but very tasty.     

Then we sat to watch The Quiet Man which has become a ritual each year for me.  She loves that movie too.  Old Man Watching says the same thing about it every year.... it is the only John Wayne movie he doesn't like...too mushy.  
I bought her an Irish beer sampler box and some Bailey's for me to have over ice while we watched that old show that has been colourized.  My father used to watch it on TV every year too, but now we have it as DVD.

So today all we are doing is having corned beef and veggies in the pickling spices broth.  That is a yearly treat too.  For some reason it was a little tough this year and gristley.  Or maybe our teeth are getting too old for all the chewing.


  1. I always got the light version of the Irish stew, I guess I'll have to try the original dark next time. Happy Saint-Patrick's day.

  2. Yum to the Baileys! I would join you in a glass of that! I've never see the Quiet Man. Seems I need to get that on my list of movies to see. The stew looks good. How nice to have your friend, from Ireland, cook for you! Sorry your corned beef was gristley. That makes it not enjoyable at all. (Regarding your comment on my Spring blog, it would be so great to see you in Lakeland some day!! Please come!!)

  3. Mmmmm Guinness!! Happy St. Pat's day!

  4. I agree with Old Man on the movie, but I agree with you on the Baileys! I also love dark beer in stews . . . Sounds like a great celebration to me!