Monday, 20 January 2014

Is it really January?

We are home from our trip to the other side of Canada.  We are coping well now that we have unpacked our suitcases and become settled again....  We had lost a month of rental due to cleaning that needed to be done and advertising for a new renter when we finally came home. It seemed like we spent two weeks at the house cleaning and repairing and showing it to potential buyers and renters.  I used locally posted ads and Kijiji which is like Craig's List. Here is a summer picture, but of course the house is under snow right now.

Our house was rented again and the renter, again, said he wants to buy it.  But this time we decided to keep the FOR SALE sign on the fence and keep advertising it for ourselves.   Last time we took it off the market for a year.  So the new renter agreed to that, and asked that he have first counter-offer over from a potential buyer over the next 3 months.  We agreed.  In the meantime I am sleeping better as the couple that are renting don't have children or pets.  We also got the old oak desk taken apart and ready to go to a nephew's log house on a ranch at Nanton Alberta.  We are also sending him the credenza/liquor cabinet as he has a big house and not a lot of furniture.   
 And so now we can settle in for the rest of the winter.  I am walking everyday for an hour around town and/or to shop.  Old Man Watching goes for a half hour walk for his Type 2 diabetes.  We really like our little retirement suite and hope the house in the next village 15 minutes away, sells soon so we can make this place our permanent living quarters until we are put in assisted-living quarters up by the hospital in Ashcroft Village.  I like to walk along the Thompson River under the bridge when the path isn't too icy.  I really worry about falling again as I still suffer from the stepstool fall last fall.
Today I went up the mountain to work with some other women and a few men on a mosaic glass window hanging.  The artist did this one as a prototype but the final ones are much less abstract.  
I forgot my camera.  I will go to help again on Thursday so hope to show you more then.  The project is getting very exciting and is very Christ-centered but also an attempt to brand the village as an art centre.  It was a joyous day for me even though I got stuck on their long icy driveway up the hill.  I had the pickup truck so thought I would be OK as there was still a lot of dirt showing on the lane.  Dan got me out and back down to the highway so I was fortunate and the walk to the house, up the hill was good for me.


  1. Hello Karyn! Glad you got some good renters, so quickly!! I can't imagine walking in the cold for five minutes, let along an hour!! My goodness!!

    1. Actually it only took me about 10 minutes to walk to the top of their drive. But it was slow moving as it was icy and I had to watch where I was stepping. The reward was that 3 hours in the work shed flew by as I learned this new skill. It is fascintating. More to come on that work.

  2. Glad you're settled now. Hope you can continue to get out and about though as winter sets in . . .