Saturday, 16 March 2013

Walking to get the kinks out

Spring is coming.  I have been able to walk a lot as the snow is gone and the village crews have hosed down the sidewalks and are now using a big machine to sweep the streets.  
It is safer for me to walk about now.  Many of the local buildings have been built to reflect a western flavor from the gold rush era.  
Above is the family services building.  Below is a photo of  the big mining truck by the local heritage park.  There is a huge copper mine up the mountain so many of the local folk work there.  A retired truck has been painted and parked by the Heritage Park.  The tires are taller than I am.  I have been taking pictures as I stretch the leg that I pulled falling off of a step stool on the last day of November.  It is still a little stiff in some spots so I don't feel safe to climb hills yet.
Below is another heritage house that has been made into a gallery and tea house.  It is only open in the warmer months.

Our little village bakery is a great place to stop for a coffee or tea and even a simple lunch.

The Central Cafe is also redone to reflect its heritage.  For many years it was run by Chinese owners.  Note the dance hall girls on the balcony.  That is a group that goes to parades and kicks up a storm with their leg displays.

Somedays the only excuse I can use to go walking is to visit the recycle depot.  I like to have a destination or reason for walking.  It is good for my leg to climb the incline behind the yellow blocks to dump recyclables in the appropriate truck bins.  The bins are emptied and hauled away to be sorted when they become full.  It is actually a tidy site but I am glad I don't have to do the sorting.

A gentleman, Tony, died just down the street.  Our landlord had been helping him in his decline and while cleaning out the house for the new buyers, brought home this stand.  It was on the front porch so I said I knew just the spot for it...a corner of our kitchen downstairs.
   I dusted/wiped it down and put a plant on it and pruned the plant.  But then a friend came along and decided a different plant would look better in that corner.  It is a faster growing plant that will bush out and droop gracefully in short order.

We have had a peaceful and 
delightful winter in this Bed and Breakfast Inn, even if we have to do our own breakfasts and meals.  There is a lovely soft Spring rain falling right now.  What a lovely sound to end the day.


  1. Lovely looking place. Yes, I got fed up too - walking up and down the corridor to strengthen my legs. Walking outside is immediately more interesting though. I love the plant stand! More recycling!!

  2. How nice that you are now able to get out for your walks again, Karyn. I've missed your photos from your walks and adventures! The plant stand you found a spot for is very nice. It will be very pretty when the plant grows and droops down over the sides. That is a huge recycling center! Wow!

  3. Looks like some delightful places!

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