Tuesday, 12 March 2013

It has been a busy few weeks.  I took on the job of co-ordinating our church's and the neighbouring church's collection of household staples to be given to the young couple with 3 small children that had their house burn down last month.  They lived with friends afterwards and are now in our village in an apartment.  They are from the Ascroft Indian Band.  The mother was very thankful for the sugar, and oil and toilet paper and spices and sewing kit etc. etc. etc.  It is hard to start from scratch to stock a house.  It is hard enough just to keep the larders re-stocked on a monthly basis.

Then I did a road trip with a friend to go 3 hours south to the coast where Spring is a month or so ahead of 

us.  We stayed at my sister's but didn't get to sit outside drinking wine by the carp pond as it drizzled most of the 3 days.  Still we did get some spring-time eye candy delights at two nurseries and bought ourselves some hyacinths.  They are scenting my back porch wonderfully. We also had a lunch visit with my old friend Rosie, the former RCMP officer, in her new orange jeep.  Somehow she is not the princess type to be riding in a big orange pumpkin.  She takes a lot of kidding over her choice of vehicle.  At least you can't miss her.  It was good to get away for a few days and the roads were clear and did not have much traffic, which was a plus.

I also needed to give my bigger-screened laptop over to Old Man with his eye troubles.  My old computer that he was using is 7 years old and groans and is so slow booting up and bringing up e-mails or anything actually.  It groans like an old man.  I bought it when I retired.   He can see the cards on mine much more easily to play his games and majhong.  I on the other hand am suffering through a crash course in using Windows 8.   I am not keen on change so am doing this blog on my old machine which we shifted to the kitchen.  I did write some notes to folk on blogger posts though, using the new machine.  I will adjust but I am still being dragged into this decade, and century for that matter.  


  1. Good morning, Karyn. I understand that you can set the new Windows so that it looks more like the old Windows. Not sure how to do it, but I did hear that. Nice that you got away for a little visit with friends and family! That is one bright orange vehicle your friend rides in!! Bless you for helping with the churchs' collection of items for families that need basics to start over. I know the family you helped is thankful.

  2. It's wonderful to visit old friends and relatives, isn't it. As for Windows 8, I was advised against it, when we bought our new computer. Still, well done you for trying to master it.

  3. You are only 3 hours from the Coast? Your sister lives in the Eastern part of the valley, doesn't she? March is my fave time to go there. Break-up here, spring full on there. So nice to see that small town spirit helping the stricken family. Love the garden porn picture of the nursery!

    1. You are cute. It took me a while to go back over the pictures to figure out garden porn. I hope you meant all the 'balls' hanging in the air ????