Monday, 18 February 2013

New background

I suddenly felt the need for a new background.  The last one seemed too much like a bloody crime scene when it came up today.  Lent means 'springtime' so I wanted something reflecting more freedom as we head toward Easter.  Doves fluttering off the top of the page works for me.  

I would like about 8 more contacts on this site.  How do I go about doing that?  Some of my contacts/folk who came over from Multiply just don't post here at Blogger, although they read my blogs and leave wee comments.  I am looking for people who are more inter-active.  Mind you, I am retired so have time to blog, although I seem to only be doing one every 5 days or so, as we are in the same spot at this B/B in a small village.  Life trundles along here and not much is new to write about.  It is easier when we are travelling and seeing new sites every day to write about my daily impressions.

Yesterday a friend and I sat on the back steps after a wee walk and had tea in the sun.  The heat felt so good and we noticed grass emerging.  I also noticed irises and daylilies and wee bulbs poking their tips up to the sun.  But today it was snowing by the afternoon and is still snowing so we may wake up to a magical fairyland in the morning.  I love watching the snow coming down under the street lamps.  I can't wait to see real daffodils in real time, not off the internet like this photo.  These spring flowers after the winter make my heart sing.  Even the photos do.

I am getting into some of the history of the area though and plan to write about the stagecoach that went through here to the Gold fields in the late 1800's soon. 



  1. Replies
    1. We wish....right....and keep on wishing. No, as I said they are both off the internet but even the pictures make my heart sing. I guess I wasn't clear that the snowdrops were a borrowed picture too. My sister in Chilliwack says her yard is full of snowdrops and crocii and she is pruning the camillias. I still don't want to live in the valley any closer than Hope. I am yearning for spring. It is still snowing tonight. We will be a real Canadian scene in the morning.

  2. We have the snowdrops here and it's been sunny for three days now! So spring might be on the way, although I see that more cold weather is due . . . I ;like the new background. I haven't really bothered much with mine yet; like you, all my friends seem to have disappeared when we moved. I am in Blogger and Muzenews, and have friends in both, but not much interaction or even commentary. There's something wrong with the way Blogger is set up I think - I don't receive notifications about some of my friends and some don't hear when I blog. It has deterred my blogging a bit, but I'll persist for a bit longer. I hope you won't stop.

  3. Hello Karyn. I miss all my contacts, too, but am slowing discovering new friends. Check out Google+ and subscribe to some new blogs. You can read other blogs and get to know people before you leave a comment or invite them to your site. You are welcome to piggy-back on my contacts. Please check them out! Google Reader is where you can see who has posted a blog. You can ask for an email whenever someone comments on your blog. It just takes time to get it all figured out.

    Beautiful photos. Our azaleas are blooming, as are some of the flowering trees. We have had a couple of nights in the 30s, though reports are that no crops have been damaged. This is strawberry season for us, here in Central Florida. Love your new background!

    1. What I miss about Multiply is that if you made a comment you would come up again at the top of my reading list. Now I have to go back as I can't remember how many made comments...5 or 6 when I check back in tomorrow.

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