Saturday, 2 February 2013

Greetings from a lazy person...

I have been very lazy about blogging since the death and memorial for cousin Layton.  We travelled over to Lillooet and did our duty and came back to settle in for some more Canadian snow.  It came down in those large peaceful flakes that make the world go silent, for two days.  There is a definite beauty to a winter day that is hovering just below freezing, but without any blizzardy winds.

My hair had grown while I had been confined to the house with the bum leg that is still healing.  I asked Old Man Watching to trim my neck hairs with his shaver one morning.  That was a mistake.  I ended up with big chunks  of hair missing at the back of my head.  So I got my good friend, Joanne, to take me for a 'real' haircut.  The poor hairdresser just shuddered and said the only way she could fix it was to do a #2.  That is like a military haircut.  Even then there were a few chunks missing.  OH WELL in two weeks....

The Crones gathered at Crazy Anne's last weekend and poor Neal kept leaving to hide downstairs to watch sports.  He did make us pizza though.

Last night I hosted a Bon Voyage party for our lovely Crone, Genevieve, who is going to Australia for a month.  It was another fun gathering of the Crones for a few hours.  

  In the background is Janice who is so good at organizing so many of our Crone's gatherings. 

I haven't been able to travel far on the ice and bumpy ruts outside so have been exercising my game leg by pacing inside.  I have also finished 4 prayer shawls to keep myself from going bonkers watching mindless TV.  This inactive life is just not for me.  hissss  hissss  hissss  

We walked over to the church hall for Soup's On today and I just used Old Man's arm instead of the cane, and don't need crutches anymore at all.  I can see progress happening.  But it has been a slow two months.  It was thawing so there were a lot of puddles.  There were also a lot of folk we didn't know in the hall.  There were also fewer young folk and children who used to use this meal every week.  There were also fewer First Nations families there.  We will have to watch the trends and see if there are reasons.  We will not contract out a $150,000 consulting assessment though.  Only governments do that lack-of-common-sense stuff. The lunch was good and supplied by the crew from the Evangelical Free church up on the town's mesa hill.  I enjoyed their bacon and bean soup.  Others said the vegetarian soup was good too.  We always have to have one vegetarian soup to offer with the buns and salads and fruit.  The Evangelical church do all the work and clean up for a lunch every two months.  They are very friendly and compassionate people.  Afterwards, we walked around the blocks in the spring-like sunshine and went to get $ gift cards for two grandchildren's birthdays this month.  Joanne visited to chat and have tea while I started another prayer shawl.  Then tonight I walked two blocks holding on to Old Man's arm (no cane), to the Royal Legion for a home-style beef and yorkshire dinner.  The price is right ($10 a plate) and the company friendly although the building is not very fancy. 


  1. Nice to see you are getting out and about. Your short hair shows off your nice skull shape. Like you say, two weeks....

  2. Brave woman you are letting a man near your hair.............but looks good...

  3. Yes - brave woman! You are right, though. It will grow back fast. Your hairdresser did a great job fixing it! It's nice to get out again, I'm sure, and without the crutches or cane. Little by little. Looks like a couple of great get-togethers with your Crones.

    I'm sorry for your loss, and will keep you and your family in my prayers.