Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Grey Cup Frenzy

While our American neighbours had a long weekend to celebrate their Thanksgiving we were celebrating our annual football final game, the Grey Cup, which pits the west against the east of a very wide country.  The Grey Cup was started in 1909 by Earl Grey, then the Governor General and King's representative to Canada.  Originally it was called rugby-football.  See the picture of the silver cup. 
The game was not played from 1916-1919 hence the mismatch in 100 years to be celebrated. 

Canadian football rules are slightly different than the American rules.  The crowds go a little crazy cheering for their favorite

team.  These must be Toronto Argonaut fans....blue and white.

Above is the Calgary Stampeders mascot.

Here are the Toronto Argonauts streaming onto the field before the start of the game.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have to guard the silver cup while it is transported and displayed.
Toronto Argonauts won. 


  1. How exciting, and an interesting history (your tournament is similar to our Super Bowl).

    Is that the same Earl Grey that the tea is named for? I like Earl Grey Tea. It has a bolder flavor than some.

  2. It must have been fun watching the game. I can imagine the gaeity of the winning team. here in the Philippines, it is sports season here in the different schools too.

  3. Once in a while our status as immigrants is mercilessly revealed. We are utterly indifferent to sports in general, with the exception of the odd FIFA.

    1. I am not interested at all in 'friggin football' but the Old Man watches. We used to have huge parties, get babysitters for the kids and gather with friends for the day with a lot of drinking and feasting...like another Thanksgiving. But those days are gone. It's another sign of old age, sigh. Old Man wouldn't even walk down to the Legion to watch with others on the huge screen. He says they are too noisy, now that he doesn't dring alcohol anymore. There's another sign of old age, sigh again.