Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Leaving #1 Son's campground

 The colours in the trees of Ontario are difficult to believe.  They take my breath away. 

When we all left the Museum, we drove to a rib house restaurant for a last dinner with the family and our daughter-in-law's parents.  We had a lot of good things to talk about and laugh about and the food was lovely.  Plus #1 Son paid for it all, except the tip which we contributed.  I still find that strange as we are supposed to pay, but he does make more salary than we do now.  Old Man and I shared a rack of ribs and a plate of stir-fried parsnips and yams.  I loved them but Old Man ate all the cornbread instead.  Still it was too much for us old folks, so why am I getting fatter?  I know why.  I am choosing the wrong foods and will get back on Weight Watchers when we settle in for the winter and have a proper consistent Internet connection to the WW online.

My photo file on my computer is full of great memories.  Here are just a few. 

Every day was so full of fun family things to do. Making pancake faces to fill the holes with butter and syrup after you name them Derek, or Emily Elizabeth or ......, before you eat them, was a favorite morning happening when we were camping with the girls.  Children can be such little cannibals and Nanny laughs at them.  Shame on her.   


Hours were spent planning colours to paint our pedicures.  We like to do weird or 'freaky' things on our toes. This time each nail is a different tone of one colour.  It took ages to decide which would look best on which toe and next to each other.


On one camping trip, when the youngest came by herself, she was so surprised about what the fairies left for her by her bed in the FAIRY BASKET.   This particular morning she got swimming goggles and a new purse and some jewellry.  the fairies only leave things in the baskets for good little people who sleep all night in the RV

Her fashion statement that morning was that her socks "...THEY ARE SO CO-ORDINATED....as they both have the colour pink in them".  I guess Nanny doesn't know anything about how to co-ordinate a fashionable outfit these days.

Straw bale jumping after picking apples in the orchard and getting lost in a corn maze was refreshing.

One day Nanny had to take the youngest for her dance lesson as her parents had a business meeting.  Getting her hair into the required bun was a chore.  But the rest of the day was a  delight.  Old Men on the street complimented her dress and her skipping. 

We canned 28 quarts of lovely huge tomatoes one day.

We will also miss the beautiful sunsets and
the long reading-time hour before sleep zonked them out.  That is the best part of the day when we are camping/babysitting in the RV. 

We left their property on Wednesday to head west to British Columbia.  They live on the right side of the orange colour for Ontario, near Quebec's blue colour.  First we headed five hour's-drive north and west back to our niece's homestead for a 4 day visit.  We were sad to leave the girls behind as they had given us so many laughs and lots of hugs and we got to know them better than we can on the Internet connections or the phone. Old Man is looking at the chore of about a 4000 km drive.  I am just back-up on long straight stretches.  I do not do city or congested driving. 


  1. Wishing you safe travels as you head west!! So many wonderful memories were made in Ontario! The girls will treasure the time they spent with you, and the photos forever! What fun you all had. Now, on to the next adventure!

  2. OH..Karyn,, those Trees are sooo pretty.. and I think I would have been the same.. so wonderful to see..

    So, your on your way back home, drive safe.. and take more time going home..

  3. Happy travels to you. I'm sure trying to learn this blogger and google stuff. I am backed up though with all the things going on at home. I love your photos and blogs and will be back to read and see more. Lovely!

  4. Those trees are beautiful. Strangely (or maybe not?) the only trees lkike that here yet are those in the Canadian War Memorial down the road from here. I just love the fact that their memories ar going to be of actually doing things, not sitting in front screens. Well done grandma!