Wednesday, 10 April 2013

back to civilization and the rain forest

We were in at Lee Creek Ranch for a week and then had to leave for a few days to go to Chilliwack near Vancouver for Old Man Watching to have his half hour complex care check.  It is a five hour drive on mostly secondary holey roads.  His blood pressure was good and his diabetes is under control.  He picked up $400 worth of pills (our share after the insurance deduction) but that will keep him stable for 3 months so it is worth it.  There is a big difference in the stages of Spring from the ranch to the coast. The magnolia that sister planted when our mother died in 1983, was in full bloom.
 Daffodils are finished here, but only 3 were blooming at the ranch.  The rhodies are blooming all over town.
We stay with my sister when we come to visit with the general MD.  It is a fancy Bed and Breakfast and free for us too.  Although we usually take her out one night for dinner.  However, she loves to cook and being a widow takes any opportunity she can to feed folk.  She feeds her handy man, Marcel, whenever he does work for her.  Actually he is good company for her for a glass of wine by the pond in the late afternoon.  Today he is installing a water filter in the basement.  Chilliwack has lovely tasting water but the city fathers decided it should be chlorinated so sister was furious.  She hates the taste in her tea.  So Marcel was called in to improve the taste.

 The wisteria isn't leafing out yet.
  The camellias are in their full glory.  Tomorrow we are heading back out to Lee Creek Ranch.  I will be out of contact for a long time.  I causes me a kind of withdrawal but will fill the gaps crocheting prayer shawls and reading.


  1. Hi Karyn!! Seeing your post brought a smile to my face!! I miss you when you are out in the wilds, without internet connection! But, I also know you will catch us up on your adventures when you find a connection again! Love your photos (as always). Safe travels to you!

  2. Take care. I look forward to the next instalment.

  3. It is always nice to get a glimpse of that glorious coastal spring. Glad to hear Old Man is alright for now.